By Robin von Halle

Sorry, but I am tired of Alexis Stewart (yes, Martha’s daughter) and her wearying quest to have a baby. Anyone who has fought this battle – and we deal with many of you every day – has got to be a bit tired of her attitude. As recounted by People and bemoaned with Oprah, she considers it a “chore” to undergo the daily regimen of shots and treatments designed to reinvigorate her “crusty” eggs – at the princely sum of $28,000 a month (thanks Mom!). She also declines to go through in-vitro solutions (which would allow her to use donated eggs that haven’t acquired that same crust), wanting a child of her blood. Think about it: For the amount she’s spent in what’s so far been a fruitless effort, dozens of women less fortunate and without her financial resources could have established families.