By Erika

Some women are afraid to donate their eggs more than once. Not me. Guidelines by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) suggest a limit of six donation cycles. That’s how many times I’ve done it. I found the process very simple, and since my last donation in 2007, I haven’t yet experienced any side effects or physical trauma.

I’ve worked with Alternative Reproductive Resources (ARR) throughout. It follows the ASRM’s guidelines and won’t allow women to donate their eggs more than six times. I appreciate that limits are placed. You never know what kind of new information or research will surface in the years ahead. I believe that by putting a limit on donations, we are offsetting the risk of future medical complications.

A recent ABC News article on a woman who donated more than 12 times, suggested that she may have put her health at risk by doing so. I wonder if she was aware of the risks and the ASRM guidelines. I hope she doesn’t pay the price.

If you are considering donating your eggs, do your homework and know your medical history. Make sure you work with an agency that follows ASRM guidelines. ARR also has a code of ethics, which made me feel better about my decision to donate as often as I did.