Submitted by Anonymous

When I first thought about egg donation three years ago, I would look at mothers and babies out in strollers and try to imagine how it would feel if that child I was looking at had come from my own egg.

After donating twice with ARR, I am very curious to know what happened. Were there kids? Do they look like me? Did they inherit my temperament? Will they love music as I do? Will they be fast runners like I was?

As a medical student, I have learned throughout my education that a lot more comes from genes than we used to think, and that has definitely impacted my thoughts on this subject. But I do not lay awake at night and wonder. I am very comfortable with this anonymous distance, and, to be honest, I don’t really think about it until it comes up by some reason, like this blog.

You kind of just forget, and I think that is part of what made it easy for me. I think women who do an open donation would have a very different perspective. Of course the very human side of me would hypothetically love to someday meet a child that came of my donation, but that would have its own consequences – on two families at that point, if I have my own. I guess it is a bridge I will have to cross if I ever arrive at it.