By Katie

It started for me when I came across one of ARR’s ads looking for egg donors.  Egg donation was something that I had contemplated on various occasions throughout college, but at the time, I wasn’t sure if I was emotionally prepared to deal with it.

After meeting with Mary Ellen, I realized that donating my eggs was something I really wanted to do. The pros by far outweighed my qualms about the procedure.  So, I began my journey.

ARR asked me to provide photographs dating back to my childhood to show to prospective intended parents. I also completed medical forms detailing my personal health history and that of my family members.  The other steps included a psychological evaluation and a gynecological exam.

It’s important to acknowledge that throughout this entire process, Mary Ellen responded to my questions and concerns in a prompt, professional (yet kind) manner. I never felt confused or unsure of what would be happening next.

Once I was matched with the intended parents, I started taking birth control pills to sync my ovulation schedule before starting hormone injections. Other than some initial nervousness about giving myself a shot, it was quick and painless – feeling like a light pinch.

After the egg retrieval, I felt back to normal within about 36 hours. While there are potential side effects to the procedure, ARR and my doctor made sure I was aware of the symptoms and what to do if any complications arose. (They didn’t!)

I recently contacted ARR and found that 22 eggs had been retrieved!  I am quite optimistic that at least one of them was fertilized in the intended mother.  It’s been less than a month since my retrieval, and though I have not heard if a pregnancy has been achieved, I wish the couple all the best and hope their dreams are fulfilled.

This experience was rewarding in so many ways!  I am looking forward to donating again in the near future!