By Anonymous

We got pregnant during our one-year wedding anniversary vacation getaway. It happened naturally and my pregnancy went smoothly, so I never thought a second pregnancy would be a problem. After our first child turned one, we started trying again, except this time, nothing happened. We tried for a year. I finally decided to talk to my ob-gyn, who told me I was dealing with secondary infertility.

I suffer from endometriosis, which had gotten progressively worse since I had my first child. I saw a reproductive endocrinologist, who then put me on fertility treatments and three months later I was pregnant. Unfortunately, I miscarried.

After that, my doctor felt IVF would be a better option. I went through four IVFs, three miscarriages and one treatment that did not transfer. My husband had given up, “Let’s adopt,” he’d say. I just couldn’t give up that feeling of being pregnant one more time. I was determined and I had one last option – egg donation.

The idea came to me after chatting on an infertility support Web site. I spoke with my doctor about the possibility and she said my odds were better because the eggs were healthier. Sold! I started to do my research. My biggest concern was finding African-American donors, who are few and far between. Some of the agencies I researched did not have any.

I decided on ARR as my egg donation agency. Robin von Halle was so warm and friendly. It was like I had known her for years. Plus, 17 percent of its donors were African-Americans. ARR made the egg donor process so uncomplicated. Robin spoke with such hope, I thought, “How could I lose?”.  I needed that cheerleader in my corner.

We hit a few bumps during our process (our first donor did not pass a medical exam); however, ARR held our hands the entire time and had a new donor prospect right away. In the end, it all worked out for the best. Today, I have my beautiful second baby.

Dealing with secondary infertility is not easy. You have hope that it will happen again naturally, and when it doesn’t, it feels as though all hope is lost.  For me, the egg donation process gave me back that hope.