By Anonymous

I recently gave birth to a healthy baby girl via egg donation.

My husband and I have chosen to tell a select group of close family members and friends about how our daughter was conceived. Coming from a religious background, we knew not everyone would agree with what we were doing.

The few who know our story asked me the same two questions about making this decision:

1.    What kind of connection will you have knowing this is “someone else’s” child?
2.    Are you going to tell her how she was conceived?

The connection question is easy. This baby is 150 percent mine. I was there when she was conceived, I carried her in my womb, I delivered her to term. We have a connection that goes beyond DNA.

The answer to telling her how she was conceived is both a yes and a no. My husband and I agreed to be open and honest with our daughter about how she was brought into this world. We also decided that it would be her decision to tell others her special story.

We don’t want our daughter to resent us for others telling her story.  Egg donation was the answer to our prayers, not something to be ashamed of. However, not everyone has an open mind and it’s easy to judge. We want to protect her as long as we can. Ultimately, it will be her choice. And if or when she is ever ready to tell, we will be with her all the way.

Today, we are just enjoying this precious gift. And when the time is right, we will tell her the amazing story of how she was brought into this world with Mommy, Daddy and the help of a giving young woman.