By Mary Ellen McLaughlin

One reason my job is so rewarding is that I get to help create families every day. It warms my heart to see proud new parents, otherwise unable to conceive, holding a smiling baby after working with our team.

I’ve often heard us called “the middlemen” between parents and the egg donors and/or surrogates. That term doesn’t reflect the complexity of this process, which can be extremely stressful, both physically and emotionally. I’ve seen first-hand how much it helps to have an experienced third party guide parents, egg donors and surrogates through the process and provide a shoulder to lean on.

I recently received a letter from a surrogate-to-be telling me how happy and relieved she was that her experience with ARR was a comfortable one. I was incredibly touched, since we don’t often get direct thank you’s from surrogates, and it was a nice reminder of how much my actions impact a whole family.

So I thought I’d share some of the client’s words.

“I wasn’t sure how all of this was going to pan out or who I would be able to go to with questions. You have made me feel like I’m not just a person whose paperwork needs to be dealt with, which was what I was expecting. If the rest of my experience is as good as it has been to this point, it will have far exceeded my expectations.”

Her words reaffirm what we all do to help build families at ARR.  We pride ourselves in keeping all parties well-informed and content. Everyone going through this experience deserves and should expect the same treatment.