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By Maryellen McLaughlin

Television personality Joan Lunden recently blogged that she hoped “the media (and the rest of us) will let Sarah Jessica [Parker] and Matthew [Broderick] enjoy this happy time in their lives and stop asking inappropriate personal questions about every detail of how they created their child. If we are raised properly, we know that it wouldn’t be right to ask such questions of a neighbor or an acquaintance, but for some reason the public has come to think it’s OK to demand that celebs reveal every personal detail of their lives.”

I agree with Ms. Lunden that how one brings a child into this world is a very private and personal decision. Yet I also feel that celebrities have an extraordinary opportunity to educate the public on something new and exciting such as surrogacy and egg donation. It also inspires those looking into fertility treatments with a new hope that wasn’t there before, in addition to removing some of the stigma.

When Joan Lunden spoke out about her surrogacy journey a few years ago, I thought it was a terrific move.  It showed the world what a great experience it can be. I only wish more public figures would open up about their egg donation experiences. They have the chance to create positive perceptions about something that has been viewed as fairly negative (or at least something that should be kept quiet) for quite some time. Becoming a parent through egg donation (or surrogacy for that matter) is not something one should be ashamed of. It’s something that should be embraced.

Celebrities have a certain power to inform the public in a way a regular person never could. I hope more of them use that power to speak up about their fertility treatments and outcomes to help those who are in the same situation.

How do you view the way celebrities treat their experiences with assisted reproduction solutions? Share your comments!

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