egg donation

By Carin

In January 2007, I started the process for IVF. For those of you who have not yet gone through it, prepare yourself for the emotional roller coaster of all time. I learned how to do the injections and my husband enjoyed getting his revenge for my hormone-induced craziness by jabbing me in the butt with the gigantic progesterone needle. I think that was the highlight of his day! I did everything right but only was able to generate a few follicles. They converted my IVF attempt to an IUI. Again, no luck. Undaunted, we tried again with a higher dose of stimulation drugs. This time I had four nice-sized follicles so they went ahead with the retrieval. When I came to from the anesthesia, I was told that of the four follicles, only one produced an egg and that egg failed to fertilize. My body had failed again.

After discussing with my doctor, it was finally decided that we would switch to an anonymous egg donor. Keep in mind that my husband and I discussed and argued this thought over and over and over again. He wanted to do adoption so we would be guaranteed a child. I wasn’t ready to give up on pregnancy. So he gave in and we agreed to try egg donation first. We signed up with a wonderful agency that found us a donor right away. The agency described her as an “über-donor” because in previous donations she had produced two sets of twins. Look no further, this was the one for me!

We got a lawyer and signed all the paperwork for the donor contract and then she started her stimulation. Since she was young and had healthy eggs, she responded great to stimulation. They retrieved a whopping 20 eggs. Of those, 19 fertilized. That’s 95 percent for you math people out there! Of those 19, 10 were viable embryos. We were set. In October 2007 I went in for a transfer. They put in two embryos and told me to go home and rest to allow them to settle in to their new home. After an agonizing two weeks I went in for the pregnancy test. Negative. They transferred another two in February 2008.  Success! However, the nurse cautioned that the numbers were really high which could mean twins or a possible ectopic pregnancy. I waited as the numbers went up, then leveled off. The pregnancy was not viable. The numbers started dropping. My body had failed again. Not even with perfect embryos could my body handle a pregnancy. How many more times do I have to go through this?