By Robin von Halle

Surrogates are unusual women who selflessly carry a child to term for someone who cannot otherwise do so. They endure psychological counseling, fertility treatments, pregnancy cravings, swollen feet and more, all with a smile on their face. The end prize: happy families that they help create.

What these surrogates don’t have much of is a network just for them.  A place to go when the hormones are raging, to question other surrogates about the legal process or just to express how they’re feeling after the baby is born.

Alternative Reproductive Resources has created and is sponsoring an option for this community. “The Surrogacy Spotlight” is a Facebook community for current surrogates, women thinking of becoming surrogates, and surrogacy experts. To join, go to:

We know there are plenty of great surrogacy forums online already, but many of them seem to be a location where intended parents go to solicit them. The Surrogacy Spotlight is just the opposite.

It’s a place to meet other surrogates going through the same experience. It also gives women thinking about becoming a surrogate a chance to ask questions to see if it’s right for them. It’s a place to express their, joys, fears, frustrations, pregnancies, births and more.

If you are, have been or are thinking about becoming a surrogate, please join The Surrogacy Spotlight as a fan, and we hope you’ll recommend it to others in your network who might be interested. (

In addition to welcoming your comments and observations, we’ll have two special features. Each month, we’ll have a Surrogate of the Month and a different surrogacy expert.

Starting Tuesday, July 6, our Surrogate of the Month will be Jodi, who recently gave birth to twins for two wonderful intended fathers. She will share her surrogacy journey and take questions from you throughout the month.

Our expert will be Mary Ellen McLaughlin, an ARR partner and former nurse who works with surrogates. She’ll discuss the psychological and medical aspects of the experience. Future experts will include attorneys, psychologists, physicians and more.

We have been working in the fertility field for more than 15 years, and understand that having an outlet to help get you though the process is therapeutic. We trust The Surrogacy Spotlight will do just that, and welcome your involvement to ensure it happens.