Conception Connections is a blog populated by the friends and families of Alternative Reproductive Resources, including the agency’s president, Robin von Halle, and partner Maryellen McLaughlin. Robin founded Alternative Reproductive Resources (ARR), in 1992 when her own quest for a therapy for infertility led to a deep exploration of the then-fledgling field of oocyte (egg) donation. Ultimately, she and her husband, who’d had no difficulties conceiving their first son, adopted their second. Yet Robin’s research made her realize there was a need for agencies to serve as a caring ally for would-be parents, a protective resource for donors and (later) surrogates, and a knowledgeable partner to medical professionals. That positioning has guided ARR’s continuing success. ARR was the first such “matchmaker” in Chicago and one of the first in the United States. Its forte is its one-on-one interactions with intended parents, donors and surrogates. That approach helps the firm best understand personalities and needs, and is critical, Robin says, because the decision to use this approach to building families merits highly personalized guidance and attention. Robin finds her business fascinating and incredibly rewarding. “I’m as proud of the relationships we’ve formed with many families as the standards we’ve set for the industry as it continues to evolve.” She believes it will all stand ARR in good stead as the firm and the industry evolve.