By Shaqeia

“What is my grandmother going to think?” That’s what went through my mind when I first decided to donate my eggs through ARR.

I was right – when she first found out, she was not happy with my decision.

She was stuck on the fact that I was going to have a child “out there” and “what would people think?” I had to sit her down and explain what egg donation was and why I was doing it. Once she learned more about it, she quickly changed her tune.

Egg donation is not something the African American community talks about. It seems to have this negative vibe, especially with the older generation. The problem is that most African Americans are just not educated enough on the topic. It’s not about having a child out there somewhere. It’s about helping people who otherwise cannot do so create a family. It’s about helping our community.

So if you’re thinking about donating your eggs, don’t just educate yourself. Educate those around you. Knowledge is power.